Friday, September 30, 2011

Loeb Collection Online

This isn't really breaking news, but then, I never said that was the purpose of this website.

The Loeb collection, being out of copyright, is now freely available for peering eyes to see. For those poor souls unfamiliar with Loeb, allow a short introduction: Any college worth it's salt will have the Loeb Classics Library. They are easily recognizable by their stoutness (half the length of a normal book) and their color—the color of the cover gives away the language inside. They are great for the student because they have the original language on the right page and the English translation on the left.While not especially helpful for word studies (for that, see Perseus, or Perseus for Logos), they are great for immersing yourself in the literature that was readily known in bible times. Check out this great, free resource.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Digital Dead Sea Scrolls Now Online

Many thanks to the Jerusalem Museum for making these important resources freely available. Also, my hat tip to Biblical Studies and Technological Tools for making me aware of it. The Great Isaiah Scroll, the War Scroll, the Temple Scroll, the Community Rule Scroll, and the Commentary on Habakkuk Scroll are currently available with more to come. Google has done some incredible coding to highlight versification when you are reviewing the scroll at its most 'zoomed-out-ness,' as well as an English translation of the MT to give you the gist of what is being said.

See the Scrolls!.