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How to Devotionally Read Your Bible

This is a message I delivered to my church's Men's Ministry. My voice recorder ran out of space with 1min left of the message. The whole body of the message is present, it's merely missing the final exhortation. A manuscript  will (Lord willing) follow soon!

The Bible is Not your Instruction Manual for Life: How to View and Read the Bible Devotionally

Online (free) Seminary Classes

Biblical Training* (Most Suggested!!)
Put together by Bill Mounce, this online seminary was put together to help laymen learn theology while actively serving in their church. The best part about this resource is that it has introductory material that will give you a good overview if you have never formally studied the bible/theology before. This website puts together some of the best of the best seminary professors who make entire classes available for free. Coming soon: Certificate Programs!

Reformed Theological Seminary
This is from a Presbyterian perspective. Excellent resources from excellent professors. Can be taken for credit or audited (listened to) for free. Check them out on iTunesU.

Covenant Theological Seminary
Has 20 full classes available for free. Also Presbyterian. Some very well known profs here as well.

Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary
Only a few classes available, but one of them is "History and Theology of the Puritans." I can't figure out how to link to it, but if you search for the seminary in your iTunes store and then narrow your search results to "iTunes U" it will come up. If you are interested in learning how to Preach Christ from the OT, then listen to David Murray from PRTS. These are the first 6 lectures of his class with the same name.

Westminster Theological Seminary
Same instructions as above. This school has a little over 20 classes and they seem to be the most specialized (read: Academic). I wouldn't start here, but I would try to end here.    

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
This is a good opportunity to earn a certificate through Gordon-Conwell for free! They have 10 classes with study guides and audio. After you finish the class, take the exam to move onto the next class. Offering 4 survey classes, two history classes, 2 theology, 1 interpretation, and 1 missions, this is a very well-rounded certificate that mimics the areas covered in an MDiv.

World-Wide Classroom
This requires a registration, but I believe it's free. I looked through, and they had some good classes, but I haven't personally listened to any of the yet.

Suggested MP3 Player for Seminary Lectures
I did a bunch of research before buying an MP3 player. Any MP3 player will work, and, as with cars, the cheapest one to listen to is the one you already own. But if you don't have one, I would suggest the Sansa Clip. It is cheap, very high sound quality (audiophiles will regularly hook up $100 headphones to this $30 mp3 player), and the best part, if you load the seminary lectures into the "Podcast" folder it will automatically bookmark it where you left off. See, you don't want to listen to 30min of a 1hr lecture only to have to fast forward to get back to your original spot. This little guy will save your exact spot on every lecture loaded. So NICE!! You can get the 8gb version at COSTCO for $59, or get a smaller version online for much less. I have a 1gb model, and while it gets a little annoying moving lectures on and off, I can still have the first half of two entire classes loaded at once (about 40hrs worth of audio). I wholeheartedly endorse this mp3 player.

Academic Journal Archives

Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
Tyndale House Bulletin 
Bulletin of Biblical Research 
Southern Baptist Journal of Theology
TC: Journal of Textual Criticism
The Trinity Review
SIL Journal of Translation

Founders Journal
The Journal of Christian Ministry
Master's Seminary Journal
Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal
Journal of Biblical Counseling
Fiologia Neotestamentaria
McMaster Journal of Theology and Minstry
Google Custom Search for Online Religious Journals 

*A note for the people from my church: These Journals all come from different backgrounds. I would not personally agree with much of what some of them present. Read at your own discretion.