Thursday, December 16, 2010

JETS and TynBul

For those of you wanting to mix it up in a scholarly fashion check out the JETS archive and the TynBul archives. You can go to their respective archives (linked) or you can go to handy where you can find all of the same files (and a WHOLE bunch more) but in a more searchable format.

Contains: JETS - vol. 12-50 (previously BETS, which can be downloaded here). TynBul has vol. 1 - 56.2. The link above states it is current through three years ago, but that is apparently a bit out of date.

The Good: 1) FREE. 2) TynBul is all (to the best of my knowledge) OCR'd so the .pdfs are searchable (very handy if you have Zotero installed with the pdf searching plugin - post to come soon!). Many of the recent JETS articles are OCR'd as well.

The "ehh": The majority of JETS articles are page scans so there is no searching available.

Question:  John Piper once said that he typically goes to the Puritans when researching a passage because the scholarly journals and commentaries just aren't asking the same questions. I agree in part, but I've occasionally found some scholarly resources necessary when trying to accurately present the background or the context of the situation - to make the passage really come alive. Do you find scholarly journals useful in sermon prep / bible study prep? Why or why not?

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