Thursday, February 9, 2012

Filología Neotestamentaria - Free Journal

I just found Filología Neotestamentaria the other day. It's a Spanish (English language) journal on New Testament textual studies. This is how they describe it:

[This] journal is the result of initiative taken at the Chair of Greek Philology of the Department of Antiquities of the University of Córdoba, Spain.Within its Scope lies every aspect of New Testament Greek philology, namely textual criticism, grammar, semantics, lexicography and eventually semiotics and its relationship with Classical or Hellenistic Greek. It is published in Córdoba (Spain) by EDICIONES EL ALMENDRO DE CÓRDOBA, SL once a year (September).

I'm not sure if this journal is still in production; the website only lists years 1994-2007, and I can't find any information on subscription.

The few issues I've looked at have been good, with scholarship by some of the "big names" in NT textual work.

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