Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Keep your Greek

I have recently been convicted that I have not been putting the time I need into studying as I should. I listened to the Pastor as Scholar and Scholar as Pastor lectures by Piper and Carson respectively. It showed me that my laziness was truly sin and I needed to work harder to do the work that I've been called to do.

So, I've resolved to get my Greek back up to snuff (or better than it was, but that'll take some time). As a decent study guide I'll use Campbell's method, which he later published as Keep Your Greek, but they started out as blog posts.

Here they are, in order.

Read Every Day (1)
Burn Your Interlinear (2)
Use Software Tools Wisely (3)
Make Vocabulary Your Friend (4)
Practice Your Parsing (5)
Read Fast (6)
Read Slow (7)
Get It Right the First Time (8)
Get Your Greek Back (9)

If you are a bit more advanced, check out his class notes from his Advanced Greek class at Moore College.

Advanced Greek Notes: 1, 2, 3, 4

If you want to bone up on your vocab, check out this NT Greek Vocab list. It gives all the words that are used 10x or more. It is set up by frequency, so if you just want to know words used 50x or more, then that's sectioned off for you as well.

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